My ‘New Year’s Day Poem’ was published in Lunar Poetry 6 & 7 (double issue) in Jan/Feb 2015


New Year’s Day Poem

Last year ran through the fields with me, led in bluebells and went skinny dipping with me.

Last year played its cards close to its chest and made sure it kept me guessing at all times.

Last year earned its respect the hard way, the right way, the only way – it was hardcore.

Last year had mystery, panache and was oozing with charm.

Last year loved me, nourished me and watched me flourish – at times it was my biggest fan.

Last year, at other times, kept me at arms length, gave me the run around and could be quite aloof.

Last year chewed me up and spat me out when I wasn’t on top form – it didn’t always play fairly or give second chances.

Last year let me have what I wanted, then took it away – what a meanie!

Last year entertained me in a cocktail dress and welcomed me into its home. It gave me canapés and an aperitif – sometimes it felt like Abigail’s Party, sometimes more like the Ambassador’s soiree.

Last year was cruel to be kind, gave me a little scare to keep me humble. It let me off the hook, but only to a point.

Last year pulled at my pigtails and called me names in the playground in front of everyone. I realise now why…

Last year, in actual fact, was an insatiable flirt.

Last year watched me go from zero to hero and then back to zero again. It laughed from afar until I started to laugh too…a little bit…then quite a lot, then just a little bit again, until it just sort of petered out.

Last year had my ass covered, it was my partner – I was the rookie.

Last year demanded attention, and attention was what it got. Quite right too.

Last year had a lot to say for itself, you could almost call it bolshy.


And then, last year was gone…


This year will grow to like me.

This year, once enticed and won round, will become relatively fond of me, even quite attached to me.

This year will join me for strong black coffees on a daily basis. We’ll read, discuss literature, maybe take a walk. We’ll catch a sunrise and a sunset here and there…it’ll be nice…hopefully…as long as nothing really bad happens.

This year isn’t going to stand for any nonsense.

This year will have grace, stature and a perfect posture.

This year will, on occasion, have to remind me that ‘it’s not a race’.

This year will make introductions and hold doors open for me. Yes, this year will display manners.

This year will try to find me when I’m hiding. If it finds me, it will try to coax me out. It might succeed, it might not, but it will mean a lot that it’s bothered enough to even try.

This year will handle the truth.

This year will be streetwise and sassy – it’s got it going on already.

This year will be more than just another notch on the bedpost, or belt, or whatever the saying is.

This year is sure to suffer some turbulence.

This year could get a bit punchy.

This year is a wild card.

This year will be my mentor, my guru, my master and sage.

This year will tell stories, hold secrets of the future.


This year will fall from the sky, melt and turn into water.